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Spam traps guide for e-mail senders

This guide is specially written to save you from Spam that affects your e-mail marketing practices. Spam emails are the most annoying and the worst kind of e-mail addresses that find a way on your list and continue to threaten you’re deliverability. In return, they not only threaten your e-mail campaigns but also risk your efficiency of emails.  However, reading this guide will give you a fair idea about how to detect them, avoid them, and get rid of them. 

Key takeaways in this guide:

The definition and role of spam traps
What gives way to the spam emails to be found on your e-mail list?
What are the ways to the prevention of a spam trap?

If you are wondering which kind of e-mail lists are the most perfect in the e-mail marketing world then you have landed on the right page to learn about it. The most effective e-mail lists are the ones that are the purest and cleanest. 

By being pure and clean, it means 
That the e-mail list is free of spam and invalidity. The e-mail hygiene of most marketers is their number one priority because it is what keeps their business moving forward with effectiveness. However, to maintain good e-mail hygiene, it is necessary to use a top-class E-mail list cleaning service. Using this service can bring a load of benefits but most importantly. It keeps you isolated from spammed and malicious emails.

Learning about spam traps

Using the simplest of terminologies, spam traps are known as spam prevention systems. Spam traps are very important tools that Fight fraudulent people online. This action is taken by the Internet service providers as well as the blacklist providers who utilized the service of spam traps and effectively lowered several spammers. In return

Using the simplest of terminologies, spam traps are known as spam prevention systems. Spam traps are very important tools that Fight fraudulent people online. This action is taken by the Internet service providers as well as the blacklist providers who utilized the service of spam traps and effectively lowered several spammers.

A deeper understanding of the terminology, spam traps

You need to understand that a spam trap can sometimes trick you into thinking that this e-mail address belongs to a real user but in reality, it does not. This is why a spam trap is also called a honeypot. The value of a spam trap is 0, it does not belong to anyone and it is of zero importance in the field of outbound communication. A spam trap can end up on your e-mail list if you are being careless about your e-mail hygiene and pose a danger to your marketing. Moreover,  If you also do not abide by the laws of Permission-based e-mail marketing, it also gives way to the spam trap to land on your e-mail lists.  To get ahold of the malicious or spam senders, the Internet service providers or blacklist providers use a spam trap to locate them. However, that’s not all, because apart from malicious senders, legitimate senders can also land in this category if they do not consistently take a good check on their e-mail hygiene


The different kinds of spam traps

Following are listed the various kinds of spam traps that you can look out for and save yourself from:

Typo spam traps

Just as the name suggests, the typo spam traps are the ones that are sent out true a spelling or typing error. It can be best understood from the fact that if you type the wrong spelling of Google as, you are still directed towards that page.  This is just the way how a typo spam trap works. It works by sending out emails to e-mail addresses that are intentionally misspelled and they do not bounce in return. Internet service providers use them to receive insight into the practices of different marketers. It is important to note that these spam traps can work because the spelling mistakes in them are likely to be made by humans. Afterward, these e-mail addresses are analyzed and then they are detected for any kind of phishing or malicious practices.

Recycled or Gray spam traps

The recycled or Gray spam traps are those traps that have long been abandoned by the users. The perfect example of these abandoned spam traps can be analyzed By recalling the number of e-mail addresses that are once created by you in your school days but are of no use anymore. Therefore, these email addresses are used to detect and analyze any form of Spam. Furthermore, these e-mail accounts are also used to catch any spammers by Internet service providers. You can also be a victim of a recycled or Gray spam trap by finding these recycled or Gray spam traps in your e-mail list.  However, you need to understand how these spam traps end up on your e-mail list. There can be two kinds of different scenarios for that to happen This can specifically happen if you acquire an e-mail address from a third party and forget to perform a cleaning service on it to make sure that it is accurate and verified. This can lead to a Gray spam trap ending up on your e-mail list. Read More

Pristine Spam Traps

Internet service providers consider it abuse if you are sending consistent emails to a customer who does not want to hear from you and believes that it is bothering the customer in the first place. Using this methodology, the role of the pristine spam traps comes in.  What the Internet service providers or the blacklist providers do is that they create e-mail addresses that are openly accessible in forum posts and blog posts. They do this particularly for web scrapers to find them and collect them.  it is important to note the role of web scrapers in this process. The purchase of a list is highly discouraged because it usually comes from these web scrapers. The Internet service providers first detect and then block the e-mail service providers that send emails on the pristine spam traps. Internet service providers do this to protect their customers and catch the spammers altogether. Read More

Domain spam traps

The talk and awareness about the domain spam traps are relatively less compared to the other kinds of spam traps. But it is important to note that these spam traps are as risky as any other spam traps and it is important to learn and be aware of them. The domain spam traps work in a complicated manner. This happens, when an Internet service provider directly asks the owners of dormant domains to provide their MX records to the black list service providers. When this happens, the entire list of emails turned into spam traps and is thus known as the domain spam traps.

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How to avoid the spam traps

The process of avoiding spam traps is not as difficult as it seems. To avoid spam traps you need to learn about the practices that help you in doing so as well as getting aware of the different methods that aid you with it. The basic rule that you can learn from this is that your e-mail hygiene can never turn risky or bad if you follow two basic things at all costs. The first is that you have to keep a keen eye on your engagement rates. The second thing is that you have to follow the best practices that do not pose any danger to you. However, to grasp a deeper understanding of how to avoid spam traps, you will have to give readers the further precautionary measures listed below for you:

Pay attention to your open rates

This is one of the most important points for maintaining good e-mail health. If you have open rates, it automatically aids you in learning about your content and if you require any improvements in them. The open rates also help in indicating the presence of any spam traps in your e-mail list.


Never buy an e-mail list

The first thing that you have to keep in mind if you are driven toward purchasing an e-mail list is that the owner of that list does not has any guarantee of utilizing the correct collection methods and it can damage your database. The second thing is that you do not have to risk your database because there is a 100% chance that the e-mail list that you will purchase can be full of spam traps. Likewise, there is also no guarantee that the e-mail address acquired has sought permission of sharing your campaign with them. By doing so,  You break the most important rules of e-mail campaigns which is permission. Even if you continue doing so, this can result in a lot of complaints or spam and will in return affect your reputation as well as the delivery of your emails. However, if you have already bought an e-mail list and you are not sure about what to do with it now then you can openly rely on Bounceless to take care of all your needs. This is because they will provide you with a 98% plus accuracy in checking the e-mail addresses in your list.


Use double opt-in

The use of double opt-in is very important as it ensures that the e-mail address that you are adding to your list is an actual human being with a legitimate e-mail address. Likewise, it is also the perfect solution because it asks for the permission of the customer about whether they want to subscribe to a specific campaign or not. It then turns out to be beneficial for you because it brings a very high engagement rate. 

Validate new email addresses

The validation of new e-mail addresses adds an extra layer of security to your double opt-in strategy. What it does, is that it simply removes all the different kinds of misspelled or abused e-mail addresses from your list. Bounceless is the perfect solution for you because it helps you with checking e-mail addresses in bulk and provides an accuracy of 98 plus percent.


Figure out your sender's reputation

Your sender's reputation plays a very important role in making you realize whether your messages have been hitting any spam traps or not. 

Are you willing to improve your e-mail marketing results?

If your answer to this question is yes and you are effectively willing to improve your e-mail marketing results then have a look at the following points:

The first thing that you need to do is Keep a track of your customer engagements and filter out any e-mail addresses that have been unresponsive for too long

The next thing that you can do is use the strategy of double opt-in to improve your deliverance of e-mail campaigns

If there is a way that you have already purchased an e-mail list then you do not have to entirely waste it. What you can do is you can run it through an e-mail checker service provider and use it with efficiency afterward

One more important thing that you need to do is that you have to validate your e-mail addresses periodically So that you may be able to learn about avoiding any recycling traps

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