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Solve The MailChimp Omnivore Warning

What is Mail Chip Omnivore?

Mail Chimp is the most popular e-mail service provider around the globe. This platform is specifically designed for customers who run their businesses via e-mail. It is highly functional and developed to reach out to the target clients in the marketplace. The notable feature of this service provider is that it is known for sending out 15 billion emails per month. They also have an abuse prevention feature that is known as Omnivore. This feature is recognized worldwide for its service in preventing abuse in emails. This feature of Omnivore assures the practice of sending out clean emails. Omnivore also reviews the list of emails before sending them out to double-check their quality. Thus it makes Male Chimp Omnivore the best service for e-mail marketing practices. The service and practices of Omnivore are extremely efficient and they have been successful in filtering out thousands and thousands of malicious email accounts that can harm your database. Apart from identifying and filtering these email accounts, Omnivore has also successfully made the prevention of millions of malicious emails from being sent. Thus it has been working as a 2-in-1 service provider with navigating and preventing in one go. However, despite having all these efficient technology services, It is normal to expect little marginal errors from artificial intelligence systems. The same can be said about Mail Chimp Omnivore. What happens with this marginal error is that sometimes the service provider flags those accounts as malicious that are legitimate in the first place. So the problem arises as to how you can avoid this error from happening in the first place and getting your account suspended in the second place. This is necessary because you cannot risk your account on the behalf of a little marginal error.

It is important to note that the algorithmic abuse prevention online e-mail systems have a little margin for errors and do not perform the perfect service at all times. However, It can sometimes prove crucial for your account as three flags in six months can result in permanent account removal.

An omnivore warning is not equal to a suspended account

It is important to note and understand what an omnivore warning could mean. It certainly does not mean that it could lead to the Mail Chimp account removal. Rather, it means that you are not able to send out emails to the lists that have been flagged by an omnivore. In simpler words, it does not stop you from sending the campaigns to the accounts that are not flagged rather, It only stops you from sending the campaigns to the flagged lists. Omnivore can also flag a list that you have newly created or imported and that will also eventually stop you from sending campaigns on that list.


It is important to understand the meaning of this warning.

What omnivore does to you is that it analyzes and scans the newly imported or created lists by you. It will then filter out the list that I reported as having a spam trap, a hard bounce, or any kind of abuse complaint. When your list goes through a certain kind of threshold that is not revealed by Mail Chimp, Then sending towards that list becomes suspended. In the next step, Mail Chimp offers you another chance to go through your list, add some cleaning options to it and then try sending the list again. But you have to be very careful while performing this, because if your account is flagged three times in the time duration of six months then it can get permanently suspended.

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What are the cleanup options?

The thing that heavily damages your e-mail marketing list is the bad syntax of emails. It can turn out to be extremely dangerous for your e-mail marketing business. When this happens, it automatically damages your IP reputation and risks your e-mail marketing. These cases are highly evident when you choose to utilize single opt-in forms or processes. To prevent that from happening, you need to look out for these common e-mail address errors that you make:

Using female addresses that do not have a dot in it
Sending out an e-mail without using “@”
Using too many extra spaces in email addresses

However, you have to keep an open eye on the cleanup options that you have. The first option is to go for a manual checkup in excel to look out for these errors. Using Microsoft Excel is an easy task and you can simply perform this cleanup by downloading all the e-mail addresses on an excel sheet and by applying a formula that will scan the list for these errors. The formula is:

=AND(FIND(“@”,A2),FIND(“.”,A2),ISERROR(FIND(” “,A2)))

This Microsoft Excel cleanup is only used to free here list from any syntax errors that are found in the e-mail addresses. However, it is important to note that this formula of excel does not validate the e-mail addresses that you have inserted in it. It means that even though you are free from syntax mistakes, you still have a ton load of abandoned or abused e-mail addresses.

But you’re lucky because Bounceless takes care of all these problems for you and helps you from preventing omnivore. This is where zero bound steps in and it has proved itself to be a very reliable as well as an affordable method to get rid of these email addresses. Bounceless provides you with E-mail verification services with excellence. It simply detects and deletes all the emails that can be considered risky for your campaign. Following is provided a list of all those e-mail addresses that are detected and removed from your list by Bounceless:

  • It removes the emails that come with a hard bounces
  • It removes the emails that have a bad syntax
  • It removes the emails that have typos or typing errors in it
  • It removes the emails that are temporary or considered disposable
  • It also removes the role-based email

Important note


We do not encourage you at all to purchase lists. The purchase lists add heavily littered with tons of abused emails, spam emails As well as invalid emails that do not belong to anyone. Likewise, it is also important to note that you are not the only person who is purchasing these lists.

Why you need Bounceless

You need Bounceless to take care of all your E-mail filtering requirements of yours. The services of e-mail validation provided by Bounceless add extremely trustworthy and precise. Likewise, Bounceless is heavily preferred over manual checks. This is because manual checking does not provide you with an accuracy of 98 plus percent but Bounceless does

If you are heavily determined towards eliminating as many omnivore triggers, then you are highly recommended to use an e-mail validation service provider. This is where the role of Bounceless magnifies multifold. It is extremely fast and trustworthy and does your work in no time.

What are your final thoughts on

It is undoubtedly a fact that Mail Chimp Omnivore is the perfect spam-detecting service provider for you. However, it is also important to note that you can become a victim of their marginal errors that could cause a danger to your reputation. This is why the best recommendation for filtering out spam and malicious emails is by using Bounceless which is the perfect solution for you. Moreover, it is best recommended to utilize Bounceless instead of using a manual cleanup because it has chances of mistakes whereas Bounceless provides an accuracy of 98 plus percent.


Mail Chimp can be useful for you but Bounceless comes with a guarantee of perfection and it lies in your hand to look out for any mistakes that can hinder your e-mail marketing services.

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