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Bounceless vs. Sendgrid

To get into the inbox, you must use a reliable email list. The comparison between Bounceless and Sendgrid and which email validator is best for you can be found below.

Which one is superior between Bounceless and Sendgrid?

Finding a trustworthy email validator is essential if your bounce rate is high and your open rates are poor. How will you choose wisely when you have so many options?

To assist you in choosing between Bounceless and Sendgrid, we made this comparison.

The main priorities of Bounceless are mail deliverability and verification. To help you get into your consumers' inboxes, the platform gives you a choice of solutions.

The three options provided by Bounceless are:
  • • a solution that helps you to purge your current email list through bulk email verification.
  • • a real-time email verification API that validates emails as they are being sent, before they subscribe to your list.
  • • an API for bulk email validation for people who want to automate bulk email cleaning

The email verification service from Sendgrid operates differently. An API is provided by the business for email verification. The API can only be activated when you begin using Sendgrid's email delivery service, therefore this is a restriction. Furthermore, only Pro and Premier plans have access to the API.

Sendgrid vs. Bounceless in risky email detection

To determine what kinds of undesirable email addresses the two-email checkers can identify, we next examined email validation functions.

Sendgrid and Bounceless can identify invalid, temporary, and role-based email addresses. However, Bounceless has several additional features like

  • • spam traps, which are intended just to draw and prevent spammers;
  • • catch-all emails, which have a high likelihood of being bounced and may harm your sender's reputation.
  • • abusive emails sent by well-known complainants

Finding and eliminating these email contacts is important because they put your email deliverability in danger. Sendgrid withholds any information regarding the identification of catch-all emails, spam traps, or abuse emails.

Additionally, the business makes no mention of whether it eliminates duplicate email addresses. Bounceless provides this automatically and without charging extra.

Email list improvement

The addition of missing information to your list is another beneficial function that Bounceless provides at no additional cost. Our service, where accessible, includes the gender, location, names, and IP of your subscribers to enable you more effectively segment your customers.

Sendgrid does not provide you with this advantage, although it does offer some mail deliverability capabilities like spam testing and blacklist monitoring, which we do as well.

Pricing-wise, there is a sizable difference. With Bounceless, 10,000 email addresses can be verified for around $65 whereas Sendgrid charges $100. Sendgrid offers no money-back guarantee and withholds information about the precision of its email validator. Bounceless promises findings that are 98% accurate.

Bounceless also provides round-the-clock support in contrast to Sendgrid. You can get in touch with us at any time through email, live chat, or phone whether you're a customer or not. On the other side, Sendgrid only offers you 24/7 help if you have a membership.

Sidenote: The identity of the third party is used solely for comparison and is a registered trademark of its owner. No ownership claims are made by Bounceless regarding the use of this name or any associated trademarks. The third-party mentioned on this page is unrelated to us.

Bounceless offers more than just email verification.

Your email list gets cleaned, scored, and improved by having any missing information added. Additionally, to help you get into the inbox, our email testing and blacklist monitoring tools collaborate.

We take security and your privacy seriously

The security of your information is extremely important to us. From the beginning, every member of our team sought security in addition to being the greatest email validator. Customers tell us that knowing their data is secure while they clean up their lists offers them a lot of sense of security.

Bounceless complies with PCI, GDPR, and SOC 2. To consistently meet and surpass expectations, we also collaborated with credible cybersecurity firms.

Why choose Bounceless

Bounceless has all the tools that are necessary for increasing your deliverance rate, sender reputation and increasing the value for your money. It also gives a military grade security to your files. We, at Bounceless assure you a promising work and your emails land directly in the inboxes of real human audiences.

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